about Ansible

Ansible is an open source IT configuration management, deployment, and
orchestration tool. It is unique from other management tools in many respects,
aiming to provide large productivity gains to a wide variety of automation
challenges. While Ansible provides more productive drop-in replacements
for many core capabilities in other automation solutions, it also seeks to solve
other major unsolved IT challenges by unifying configuration, deployment, and
complex IT process orchestration.
One of the most important challenges in this environment is to do all of the
above while providing a robust, easy to manage architecture–a problem that is
frequently not well solved in this application space. A management tool should
not impose additional demands on one’s environment–in fact, one should have
to think about it as little as possible. It should be transparent and maximize
productivity gains. Let’s see how Ansible achieves these gains using a unique
agentless architecture.

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