mounted filesystem discovery exclude zabbix

If you want to exclude all cagefs-skeleton or some other virtfs, bind mounts and etc

zabbix_get -s xx.xx.xx.xx -k vfs.fs.discovery




Administration -> General -> Regular expressions -> New regular expression

Name: File systems for discovery – exclude cagefs
Expression type: [Result is FALSE]
Expression: /cagefs-skeleton

Configuration -> Templates -> Template OS Linux -> Discovery rules -> Mounted filesystem discovery -> Filters -> Add
Type of calculation: A and B
A: {#FSNAME} matches @File systems for discovery – exclude cagefs
b: {#FSTYPE} matches @File systems for discovery

Also you need readd host to rediscover all mounted filesystems

2 thoughts on “mounted filesystem discovery exclude zabbix

  1. Mor

    Hello, i do it same as you but when i use get value and test i have all cagefs-skeleton in the result.
    how can i find my problem this is a one line of test output


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