LVM advantages disadvantages

LVM advantages:

  • Use any number of disks as one big disk.
  • Have logical volumes stretched over several disks.
  • Create small logical volumes and resize them “dynamically” as they get more filled.
  • Resize logical volumes regardless of their order on disk. It does not depend on the position of the LV within VG, there is no need to ensure surrounding available space.
  • Resize/create/delete logical and physical volumes online. Filesystems on them still need to be resized, but some support online resizing.
  • Online migration of LV being used by services to different disks without having to restart services.
  • Snapshots allow you to backup a frozen copy of the filesystem, while keeping service downtime to a minimum.

LVM disadvantages:

  • Linux exclusive (almost). There is no official support in most other OS (FreeBSD, Windows..).
  • Additional steps in setting up the system, more complicated.
  • If you use the btrfs filesystem, its Subvolume feature will also give you the benefit of having a flexible layout. In that case, using the additional Abstraction layer of LVM may be unnecessary.

I recommend use LVM, because of great power.

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